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VattenfilteWater filter pitcher 2.5 liters, 5-stage Micro Multi Fluoride filterrkanna Vattenreningskanna Clearly 5- steg Fluorid VattenfilteWater filter pitcher 2.5 liters, 5-stage Micro Multi Fluoride filterrkanna Vattenreningskanna Clearly 5- steg Fluorid
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Water Filter Pitcher 2,5 liter, 5-steps Micro Multi Fluorid filter

Tunnus: 1-4930
  • Unique and highly efficient Micro Multi 5-stage water filter pitcher
  • Replaceable filter cartridges with a lifespan of 12 months
  • Removes harmful contaminants in tap water
  • Better, tastier, and healthier water
  • Reduces fluoride
  • Best in tests!
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Capacity: 7000 liter (6-12 months depending on water quality) 500 liters Fluoride

Filter cartridge included: Yes

Filter media: Micro Multi 5-stage with replaceable filter cartridge

Dimensions mm (L x H x W): 220 x 270 x 100

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Micro Multi 5-stage filter cartridge included: Yes

Removes/reduces: Fluoride, calcium, sand, silt, rust, iron, lead, microplastics, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, hydrogen sulfide, cysts (Giardia, Cryptosporidium). Reduces chemicals such as TTHMs, benzene, chlorine, bisphenol A, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and other chemical contaminants that can cause bad odor and taste.

If the fluoride levels in your private well water exceed 1.5 mg/l, we recommend contacting us for selecting the appropriate filter media.

For water that is deemed unfit due to high fluoride levels, we recommend options such as Reverse Osmosis systems, which are available for under-sink placement or for the entire household.

"Chemicals neither appear nor are felt."​




Filtered water enhances the flavor of tea and coffee. Whether you're a coffee lover or a tea enthusiast, you'll experience a significantly improved taste in your hot beverages.

The Micro Multi 5-Stage Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher is specifically designed to remove and reduce fluoride up to 500 liters, as well as chlorine, chloramines, byproducts, inorganic compounds, and heavy metals up to 7000 liters. It also interacts with water hardness, resulting in improved alkalinity.

An interchangeable Micro Multi 5-Stage water filter with a long lifespan provides cost-effectiveness (8 cents per liter) and extended usage (7000 liters, approximately 6-12 months). When it takes longer to filter the water, it's time to replace the filter cartridge.

All of Clearly's water filter pitchers are made of natural polypropylene and are free from BPA substances. Thanks to their oval shape, the pitchers fit in most refrigerator doors. It's an easy and affordable way to have clean water at the dinner table, workplace, boat, caravan, or summer cottage.





Best in test!

Clearly's water filter pitchers reduce more than twice the number of contaminants and have significantly greater capacity compared to other brands.

If you don't filter your water, then you become the filter!​



  • Remember to regularly change the water filter cartridge and always have clean and healthy water available!
  • Water purification capacity: 500 liters for fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, byproducts, inorganic compounds, and heavy metals, and 7000 liters for others.
  • Pitcher and reservoir are dishwasher safe.
  • Water filter cartridge included.
  • Dimensions: Length 22 cm, width 10 cm, height 27 cm.



Getting started with Clearly water filter pitcher is as easy as this!

» Manual (PDF) »

Good to know about Clearly's water filters and purifiers!»




Clearly vattenrening - vattenrenare för bättre hälsa och miljö

Food, coffee, tea, and other beverages taste much better and become healthier. Always rinse fruits and vegetables in filtered clean water to reduce contaminants and avoid health risks (boiling water only removes microorganisms, not pollutants). Clearly's water purification products protect you and your family.


Clearly water purifiers and water filters protect you and your family from chemicals and contaminants in the water!

Filtered clean water is more than 200 times cheaper than bottled water. You avoid carrying home and returning heavy, expensive water bottles. Both you and the environment make a much better deal.

Tip! Keep a Clearly water filter pitcher and water purifier available throughout the day. This way, you will be reminded to drink water and can keep track of how much water you have actually consumed.


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